Ad placement within our publications!

We offer the opportunity to advertise in the conference program of the NRW Nano Conference:

The conference program comprises all the information of the entire event and each participant will receive one at the beginning of the event.

Format: DIN A4, print run: approx. 1,000

The same ad will also be published in next issue of the NMWP Magazine, that will contain a review of the NRW Nano Conference. The NMWP Magazine of the state cluster NanoMicroMaterialsPhotonics.NRW informs about innovations and developments in politics, science and industry and is displayed at fairs, events and within NRW ministries. Part of the total print run is sent to subscribers. By a simultaneously published digital edition on the NMWP website, which is also advertised via a newsletter with more than 3,000 recipients, the coverage is further increased.

Format: DIN A4, print run: approx. 2,000

The advertisements can optionally be booked in type area or in full bleed format.

Besides to advertisements, we also offer other advertising formats, such as highlighting the name in the exhibitor brochure, a logo print on the conference bag* or an insert in the conference bag. If you have further ideas, please contact us for a personal consultation.

* The logo print on the conference bag is available from five bookings.

Please note that advertisements or inserts in the conference bag are included in some of the sponsorship packages we offer. If you are planning a combination of different advertising and presentation options, sponsorship can be more efficient than booking individual services.