Sponsoring – Service overview

Our virtual sponsorship packages in comparison Young Academics Sponsor Platin Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor
Naming / logo presence Special mention in the greeting + +
Display of the logo in the kick-off presentation (visibility/presence) ++++ +++ ++ + +
Logo display in continuous presentation during the breaks (plenary hall, lecture rooms) + + + + +
Logo display (categorized) at the entrance and during the networking event + + + +
Display of the logo incl. link (categorized) on the event homepage + + + + +
Mention in the final press release of the 9th NRW Nano-Conference + +
Accompanying the conference Jury participation to determine the winners (subject to professional qualification) Best Poster Award
Mention of the sponsor at the award ceremony Best Poster Award
Participation in the award ceremony Best Poster Award
Sponsoring of the prize money Best Poster Award
Statement (max. 3 minutes) by the sponsor during the award ceremony on the importance of promoting young scientists +
Exhibition Highlighted presentation in the list of exhibitors (on the website) ++ ++ ++ +
Included exhibition stand (without conference ticket) Premium Premium Basic Basic
Advertising Integration of a separate slide provided by the sponsor in a continuous presentation during the breaks (plenary hall, lecture rooms) + +
Mention of the sponsor in the context of the Online Proceedings and in the NMWP Magazine 02/2021 + +
Ad (coloured) in the NMWP magazine 02/2021 full page full page half page
Complete conference tickets for all conference days up to 6 up to 4 up to 3 up to 2 up to 1
Package price in Euro plus VAT 6,500.00 4,900.00 2,400.00 1,400.00 850.00